What I Packed In My Hospital Bag


I am so excited for this post! Mostly because it's one of my FAVE things to do to prepare for baby. I seriously love collecting and washing things and taking a night to get it all together. I also love reading posts and watching videos from other mamas about what's in their hospital bags!I over packed big time with my first, under packed with Elle, and think I may finally have this whole hospital bag thing figured out.I won't go into things too much as it's all pretty self explanatory and I'll be sure to link everything for you guys too! Also somethings aren't pictured because I don't have a nursing pillow yet and didn't think you guys wanted to see my pads and big granny panties - but trust me, any mama knows,  those are like TOP priority as far as hospital packing goes. ;)

Baby's Bag


I'm using my black Fawn Design bag for the baby's hospital bag. I have the brown that I'm using as my current diaper bag but with all the pockets and compartments and backpack straps, it's perfect for the hospital!In my last two experiences, the hospital provided a lot of what we needed so I tried to pack light and focus on the "fun stuff". With Dex we ended up staying for a week (so we didn't have near enough) and with Elle we were home 10 hours later so we didn't need like anything. I packed for somewhere in between because you just never know.I packed:Cute announcement/photo outfit + bonnet/bows - this floral gown is from Little Miss Dessa, which is one of my ALL time fave shops! I loved this fall floral and it's so teeny tiny and perfect for newborn diaper changes. I also packed a bonnet (I died when I saw how small this thing is!) and tiny cream bow.Onesies and Pants (nb and 0-3 months) - These H&M kimono onesies and footed pants are our faves. We have had them with all three kids and love them for the first few weeks/months. I brought two onesies, two pairs of footie pants and also 2 plain white onesies as well for layering/blowouts/spitting up. I also packed 2 pairs of socks because it will be chilly when she arrives, a warm hat (not pictured) and a warm knit blanket for her car ride home.Swaddle Blankets - I use the hospital ones when we are there, but love having one of our own on hand too. This floral one by Kb Cute Designs is so beautiful and I couldn't resist throwing it in there.Burp Cloth - Our hospital has these but I bring one just in case and also if we need it on the way home. We love these cloth diapers as burp cloths and have used them since Dexter was born. They are so inexpensive and absorbent.Diapers and wipes - Our hospital does provide these as well but I like to bring my own. I packed a couple of these Honest company ones .  I definitely like to use more natural products and like having these on hand for those first few days. I also pack our own wipes because I am obsessed with these! They are from a company called Water Pura and are 99% water and 1% fruit extract! It doesn't get more gentle than that and with both my other kids having super sensitive skin, I like to use wipes I'm familiar with. I also brought some organic bum cream from Erbaviva (I could never say enough good things about their products and their stretch mark oil is the best ever) and some baby body oil from one of my fave brands K'Pure Naturals (another brand that I love so much - they have THE BEST natural deodorant I've ever tried!)Soother and Soother Clip - Dex took a soother, Elle did not, so I threw it in there just in case.Baby Book + Extras - We love Promptly Journals and I've been filling it out my whole pregnancy. I'm big into journaling and thought it might be good to have there to record any birth details or get her little foot prints done. I also packed this adorable little name tag (Also from Little Miss Dessa and on SALE) for her name/announcement photo.

Mama's Bag


I'm bringing this duffel from Pacapod. I seriously LOVE their bags and how they not only make great and organized diaper bags, but also a perfect overnight bag or purse. This one is the Firenze in the colour Putty. I packed:Clothing for at the hospital - I am probably MOST excited about this. Nothing like getting into some fresh and soft pj's after all you go through to get that baby here. This mama bundle from Francis and Henry is perfect for new mamas (and would make an amazing gift). It includes a nursing/sleep dress, which is oversized and perfect for nursing, a head band to keep my mane out of my face, the most comfortable robe (not pictured because I love it SO much and am too afraid to bring it to the hospital) and a swaddle blanket for baby. Something about a fresh PJ reward after all that hard work makes me so exited and I can't wait to snuggle up with our girl in this! I also packed a robe. This one is from Pink Blush Maternity and as I mentioned above, things can get a little....messy after the whole birth thing so I'm packing this for some photos we are hoping to take after she arrives. I thought this would be pretty and easy to throw on. I also pack a pair of slippers and a pair of flip flops.Going home outfit - Just a lose fitting t shirt, maternity leggings  and a comfy grey cardigan. I will usually layer a nursing tank under a tee but shooting this post made me realize I don't have ANY nursing tanks and I'm running out to get some like tonight. I also packed my glasses, a couple pairs of socks, 2 nursing bras, and a fresh pack pack of loose cotton undies. I bring an extra pair of leggings and another cardigan or sweater just in case our stay is a little longer.Makeup and Toiletries - Okay full disclosure, I am beauty obsessed. I am crazy about beauty products and have been a professional makeup artist for 7 years and every time I give birth I swear I am going to pull myself together and do a little makeup and every single time I don't wear a stitch of makeup the whole hospital stay. I pack it and have good intentions but then baby comes out and I'm like "I don't have time for makeup - I have a baby to snuggle!". Anyway - I'm totally packing a small makeup bag this time around and I'm sure I won't use it but juuuust in case. I also bring lip balm, mini shampoo + conditioner, dry shampoo, deodorant, makeup remover wipes, nipple cream, nursing pads, body/hand lotion and some essential oils (I've been loving this shop).I packed a nursing/car seat cover from our friends The Over Company. This one is called The Haven (named after me!) and I love being able to have my nursing cover when visitors come by and also as a car seat cover to protect our sweet girl as we leave the hospital. I also bring a my own pillow (just make sure your pillow case isn't white).I plan on grabbing our good camera, laptop and chargers, our letter board, some snacks and I'm sure a million other things I'm forgetting as I type this.Thanks so much for reading guys!