Nursery Nook Tour ft. Owlet Care Smart Sock


I am so excited to finally be sharing Indie's nursery nook! We knew right away that we wanted to make a mini nursery in our bedroom for when our girl arrived. We have a four bedroom home but one of the bedrooms is an office/piano room so we knew some room sharing would need to happen. While I can not wait to create a shared girls room for Elle and Indie, we do prefer having our babies in our room for a little while after birth. This little space was the perfect solution for our small bungalow.I really loved the challenge of creating a nursery in such a small space. Our room isn't huge and it's just a tiny section on the wall so a couple nice items were able to make a big impact! It was also really budget friendly and kept things super minimal. It felt good not to fill a whole room and we have only the things we need on hand, and the rest (bigger sizes, socks, overflow diapers) are in a dresser in Elle's room that they will share.I thought building this little nursery nook into our room would make our space feel much smaller but somehow it filling out the room and the empty wall made the space look bigger and more put together. We did a master bedroom update along with the nursery nook and I love the way it came together! I can't wait to share some of our nursery finds and essentials!Her rocking cradle was a kijiji/craigslist find and it's just perfect. It can rock or lock in place and its narrow so allows for lots of room between the cradle and the bed.One of the items we have really fallen in love with since having Indie is the Owlet Care Smart Sock baby monitor.I haven't gone much into it on the blog before (and I don't mind to do so) but my anxiety after Elle was out of control. I had never even experienced any form of anxiety until then. I would hear everyone talk about how they were so much more confident and sure for their second child and I could not relate at all. All that to say, I could hardly sleep. I was always so scared of something happening to her. I was sure she was going to somehow choke on my milk. It was the worst. Now, things have come a LONG way since then. Time and sleep and a bunch of other factors have helped my anxiety but I knew, going into having another tiny newborn, some of those worries were starting to come back a little bit. I saw an ad on Instagram and had heard other mamas rave about this product and knew it was something that would benefit us this time around.It's not your typical baby monitor but rather it tracks your baby's heart and oxygen levels and will notify you right away if anything is outside normal range using pulse oximetry on this cute little sock. My husband and I were so impressed with the hardware and the app and after 6 months of using it can say, it is life changing! We especially loved it when Indie was really little, but it can be worn by a baby up to around 18 months. It connects to an app on your phone that is so beautiful and easy to use. This offered such peace of mind (especially when Indie caught her first cold). I think with my first baby, I would just sit there staring at him while he napped, and with Indie being our third, I have a lot of other things and kids to take care of and often she's sleeping soundly behind closed doors in our room. The Owlet Smart Sock is like my eyes when I (unfortunately) cant be sitting peacefully watching her nap.We also got a new baby video monitor! Guys, no joke we have tried at least three different baby monitors and hated all of them. I just assumed my expectations were just too high and that that every monitor just lost signal every couple minutes and had a terrible screen where I honestly couldn't tell which position our baby was sleeping in. We got the opportunity to try out new the Lollipop baby monitor and this thing is amazing! It's a little pricy but it synchs with your phone (unlimited phones) so you can check on your baby anywhere, anytime and has a bunch of other cool features. They have something called true crying detection where you can set a "cry volume" so it doesn't just turn on/alert you every time your baby grunts or sneezes. It also has a built in noise machine with soothing sounds and white noise. I like that it can be placed anywhere in the room with it's flexible base and isn't limited to a flat surface and it comes in some super cute colours. The night I set it up I couldn't believe how crazy people were going in the Amazon reviews section for this camera but they were not kidding! We love it! We have  loved the DockATot deluxe this time around! We are keeping it in her cradle right now but Indie has totally grown out of it and I now just leave it in there for her to lounge and play in while I'm in the bedroom folding laundry or tidying up.Her shelf is my fave from Ikea. We have a bunch of these simple, inexpensive and simple shelves in our house and love them! We styled it with a faux plant, a letterboard, her shoe collection (which is literally 1000x better than mine) and some milestone cards. The ikea cart is something we were already using for craft supplies, but I knew it would be perfect to hold all of her necessities in our room. I'm not crazy about this colour but I was/am too tired and inexperienced to paint it so I just let that one go. The top holds diapers, wipes, creams, a change pad and some accessories/soothers. The middle shelf is all clothing and the bottom is blankets, burp cloths, and sleep sacks.The last thing is this Ubbi diaper pail. We knew changing diapers in our room in the middle of the night could get preeety stinky. So after some research we knew this diaper pail would be the best. It's metal, which doesn't absorb scent, and the top locks to keep our other curious kids out of there. I also love that it can use any bag and you don't need to purchase specific bags or refills all the time (that got so expensive in our last experiences). I got our bags from the dollar store and can tell they will work just fine. We've had this in our room for 6 months and it's never ever smelly!Thanks so much for checking out her nursery!If you have any other questions or if I forgot to source something be sure to let me know!Thanks for reading!