Maternity Photos and 39 Week Pregnancy Update.

I can't believe I'm writing my final update! THIRTY NINE WEEKS! Elle was already born by now but our little miss seems ultra cozy in there for now. The next update will be her arrival and it's just so crazy when you get to the point of knowing, in at least 3 weeks, she will be here. I still can't even picture it happening or her being here, but the waiting game is on! I'm so grateful and overwhelmed to have made it to this point. A healthy baby growing safe inside me. It's a blessing I don't take lightly and I'll truly never understand why God has given me this gift and responsibility, or even thinks I'm semi-capable of raising these little people. I am so sad to see this pregnancy come to an end and at the same time so happy to meet our girl. The start of this pregnancy marked the end of a REALLY hard season in our lives and family and the joy and healing that preparing for her has brought has been the most beautiful gift.Phew enough bawling my eyes out - on to the update and a TON of photos (eeeeek!!!).


Baby girl's movements have changed the last couple weeks. Rather than kicks and punches, it's been more like rolls and slow movements. I think she's still feeling pretty cozy in there and I've got a feeling she's going to go over 40 weeks.

Total weight gain so far:

 I think I'm up to around 145 lbs. Which means I've gained around 35 lbs. I currently feel like I'm gaining like 5 lbs a day though.

Favourite maternity clothes right now:

I honestly barely have anything left that fits me but I have been living in maternity leggings, shirts/sweaters/cardigans from

Pink Blush Maternity

and still my

Dwell and Slumber

dress or

my Pink Blush robe

at night and around the house. Essentially, the leggings and tank top I slept in and something thrown over top - desperate times at 39 weeks.

Stretch marks:

 I cant tell. I think I might have some around my belly button but everything is just so stretched I don't think I'll really know until after. Still using my

fave stretch mark oil

! I swear by this stuff!


Sleep has been a struggle. Mostly just that rolling over is like a 10 minute process of rolling, arranging pillows, getting comfortable, realizing I need to pee, going pee and then coming back and doing it all again. Also we got a new bed and mattress this week but need a box spring so we've been on our old mattress in our living room for the past couple of nights. Nothing like re-doing a room 39 weeks pregnant right?!


Guys - SO STRESSED! Excited and tired and happy and hormonal and stressed! ALL of the emotions. All day long. I don't know what's come over me but legit, I cry daily. Sometimes because I am happy or watched a birth video, or just am thinking about this chapter ending. Sometimes because my husband threw out my cup of crushed ice that I had been waiting to eat and we don't have any more ice left. So yeahhh, bit of a moving target right now. But honestly, I am feeling good. Physically really really good. Sometimes too good and I wonder if she's ever coming out. This has been my "best/easiest" pregnancy of the three and I'm going to miss this time and my bump but I also don't think I could be more excited to meet our baby girl!

Favourite moment in the third trimester:

There have been so many. Fall things with the family. Seeing her nursery come together. Doing maternity photos. Our girl flipping head down! The last couple of date nights with my husband before baby. So many good things the past couple of months.

Most Challenging Moment: 

For sure the most challenging moment has been dealing with her positioning. She has been breech and transverse and oblique all pregnancy and it's been such a  stress for me. I think after having a vbac with Elle, I almost thought "phew, that mountain has been tackled. No more c-sections for me" (**I also want to clarify - there is NOTHING wrong with a c-section. I've had one. I am SO thankful for it. It brought me my son and I look back now with fondness however, my c-section was an emergency situation complete with NICU stay and subsequently, the death of our dog while we were in the hospital and truly one of the most traumatic times in my life. So the thought of it being on the table again dug a lot of that up - seriously maybe like PTSD or something but either way, the thought of a c-section for me is tied to some pretty stressful times. I plan on accepting and facing the birth of our girl with grace and courage no matter how it turns out - BUT I did want to make every attempt to get her flipped and avoid surgery this time around.) ANYYWAY - that was stressful. I mentioned it on my Instagram and was literally brought to tears (though it doesn't take much these days) by the messages of support and encouragement and tips I received. I can't say thanks enough if you were one of those people encouraging me and praying for me. She is flipped and while anything can still happen, I have a peace about it that I didn't have before.

Favourite Food: 

Ice! All I ever want to do is eat ice. How cliche right? But it's true. I've also just totally given up and become obsessed with cranberry ginger ale, crunch berries cereal and baking

these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  


My heart burn is still SO bad! It wakes me up at night. I saw a chiropractor and she said an adjustment could help with that (who knew!) and I think it did but not 100%. Other than that not much, I'm just slow and my legs and pelvis hurt if I stand too long.

Nursery & Baby Gear Preparation: 

Her nursery nook is done (other than a print we are waiting on) and I'll be sharing it next week!

Things I’m looking forward to: 

Meeting our girl and seeing Dex and Elle with her! That's it! Eye on the prize. Come to me baby!

And here are our photos by Mint Photography! Natalie is my bestie and such a talented photographer. She's taken our photos for years and every time I am more blown away than the time before. I had been feeling so crappy the three weeks before this and had wanted to just forget the whole thing but I am so glad we threw something together and I am so happy with how they turned out! I've never done photos this late in the game and thought I would feel more insecure  but I actually really love seeing the final full belly and having the last week or two of her in there captured.Thanks so much for reading! xo