Life Lately + Family Video | Fall 2017


Dusting off the old blog because it might be a liitttttle much to post 10084947 pumpkin patch photos to Instagram. Happy fall guys! It's finally here. This 39 week pregnant mama is loving the cooler temps and all the coziness and fun that this month brings. I've been away from the blog and social media a lot lately and thought I'd do a little life update. So much has been going on and I've had my head in the sand trying to manage it all but I think we are finally slowing down, getting in a groove and ready for the rest of the year and our new sis to arrive!September was a RIDE! Honestly my husband started teaching again, Dexter started homeschool and part time school two days a week, we desperately needed to find a new car after our original plan car fell through and I was nesting like a crazy person and decided we needed to paint the whole house and refresh the baseboards and purge ALL of the clutter and about 100 other "urgent" things. Needless to say, September was insane. BUT we made it through, didn't get a car, started to learn and figure out what homeschool will look like for us, Dex is LOVING his 2 day a week school and I am LOVING the break and time alone with Elle.October we were excited to actually see other human beings and maybe get outside a little more often. It's our favoruite month and we couldn't wait for all the fall fun, especially because it's the last pumpkin picking/apple picking/halloween as a family of four! Well we started off the month with a stomach flu, which turned into a colds for everyone that are (halfway through October) still hanging on. We did finally find a car!!!! Just in time too! We were deciding between a van and a three row SUV and I asked on Instagram and got such good insight and opinions. We ended up going with a Ford Flex (3 row suv) and so far, couldn't be happier. I am loving my little mom-mobile and we have so much more room for all three kids! We had been struggling so hard to find the right car and even thought we had found one, and drove three hours to pick it up, only for it to fall through. We were so confused and worried that it wouldn't happen in time for the new baby and then when we found the car we got we knew it was the right one for us. It's always interesting to me how we take these things into our own hands and try to hold tighter and control and plan plan plan, when God has it all worked out and his timing and (in this case) car was and is so much better than anything else we could have hoped for.This past weekend, even though we all still have coughs we were finally able to get out as a family and do ALL the fall things we've been dying to do. We pumpkin patched, we apple picked, we did a long fall drive and made apple crisp for some friends when we got home. It was such a great weekend and around this time in pregnancy, as each weekend passes, I wonder if it will be our last as a family of four.Aaaand a little video because I looove making and watching these back! Something about all their little mannerisms. I couldn't help but see Dex as such a big boy watching this back. I think back to our first time at this pumpkin patch with him, he was just over a month old, and now he lifts all the pumpkins, pulls the wagon around, knows how much each one is, and pays the woman at the end of it all. Becoming a young man slowly (SUPER slowly ;) right before my eyes. Thanks so much for reading!Happy fall!