Top Nursery Items at Ikea


Recently my family and I took a little trip to Ikea, we needed a couple of things and I also wanted to start looking for simple and affordable items for baby girls nursery. Ikea is amazing for that - when you don't have a big budget but want a couple little things to instantly update a space! I love their simple, modern and on trend pieces and I always see things there that I didn't see last time!One thing I always keep in mind when shopping at Ikea is that most items can be used many different ways. So, just because you're in the kitchen section, doesn't mean that item has to be used in a kitchen. I love the idea of a spice rack as a nursery shelf, or a utensil organizer as bow/headband storage in a dresser drawer.We grabbed a couple things for our home while we were there and need to make one more trip back but I thought it would be fun share my favourite nursery decor items at Ikea. These aren't exclusively nursery but so many of them make the perfect nursery pieces in my opinion! Also I know my photo is geared toward a more girly nursery but if you change out the pillow and towel, it could be for anyone!

  1. EKBY ÖSTEN SHELF - This is my fave shelf at Ikea and I also think it's the least expensive. I love the wood brackets and think it adds a warm, cozy vibe. They come in at under $10 so grabbed a couple of these for all over our house (office, playroom, nursery). If wood isn't your thing, Ikea offers a mix & match type thing in their shelving section where you can choose your shelf piece and then the brackets that you like the best.

  2. SMYCKA ARTIFICIAL BRANCH - I loved this as soon as I saw it. Eucalyptus has such a soft, soothing look and I think a couple of these inexpensive faux branches would look so cute in a vase on a dresser or shelf in a nursery.

  3. GULLKLOCKA CUSHION COVER - I love this colour and use it a lot in Elle's room already. I love that this pillow is super soft and has like a nubby texture instead of just being plain. So sweet styled in a baby's crib (obviously, not when they are sleeping in it) or as a decorative pillow on a rocking chair. MY blogger friend Erica, shared a room tour the other day and has the most amazing tip!! Ikea pillow inserts never fill out the whole case and after a month or two they always look kinda flat and droopy. She recommended filling each cover with two feather inserts for a big plush look! (YES! Why didn't I think of that?)

  4. RISATORP BASKET- I love this sturdy metal basket for on top of a change table or dresser to hold essentials like cream, hand sanitizer, wipes and all that other stuff you need at arms reach. I love that it has a wood handle and could easily be moved room to room, to make diaper changing convenient and easy all over the house.

  5. FEJKA ARTIFICIAL FIDDLE LEAF FIG - Okay - I know it's fake and maybe not even the most convincing one out there, but hear me out. Two, beautiful and expensive fiddle leaf fig plants have died under my watch. I treated these things like my children, I even gave them showers to water them (after a friend recommended it) and they still suffered the same fate as most other plants that enter my home. I want to be better at this but until then, I'm banned from buying expensive houseplants. This one is affordable compared to some of the other faux one's I've seen and the stress of not having to keep it alive it worth it to me. I'm gonna have a baby to keep fed and watered and clean - I can't be worrying about a tree.

  6. SNIGLAR CRIB - Elle already has this crib and we love it so much! We are planning on getting a mini crib for our new baby because Elle is still in hers, but I had to include it as our TOP Ikea nursery pick! It's under $100 and so sturdy! We love the look of the natural wood and the fact that she couldn't chip paint off of it when she was in the chewing stage.

  7. ÖSTERNÄS LEATHER DRAWER PULLS - LOVE THESE! Such a fun way to update an old dresser or even an Ikea dresser that needs some personalization.

  8. TILLGIVEN HOODED BABY TOWEL - Okay this one isn't really decor but I love it so much I had to share. I also like hanging items like this from an accordion shelf or hooks on the wall and when they're this cute, they kind of act like decor. I always had a hard time finding hooded towels I liked. I mean they are all cute but most have ears or a face and are usually a little too colourfil for my taste. I love this one with the muted pink detail and little loop for hanging.

  9. SJÄLSLIGT GLASS CACTI SET- Another one for all you mamas with a black thumb like me (okay so far all my live cacti are still kicking but it's really only a matter of time I'm sure). I love these little decor pieces and thought they would be so cute styled as a trio on a nursery shelf.

  10. TEJN RUG -I think we've bought one of these every time we've had a baby. We use it as a cozy rug, throw it over the back of a rocking chair, even as a cute photo back drop. I also like to line my moses basket with this for a super cozy place for baby to hang out while we play around her.

  11. FLÅDIS SEAGRASS BASKET - When I asked on my Instagram story what to get at Ikea THIS little basket was the item I got the most messages about. At only $13, it's the least expensive belly basket I've seen and it's super versatile. Use it to hold your rolled up swaddle blankets, stuffed animals and toys or as decor with a snake plant in it.

  12. MOSSLANDA PICTURE LEDGE - We have these all over our house too. They're intended for photos, but we love to stack 3 of them and display our favourite books.

  13. GRÖNADAL ROCKING CHAIR - Admittedly, probably not the most comfortable rocking chair for those marathon nursing sessions, but this one stopped me in my tracks. I love the wide back and natural wicker vibe. I also totally love how something about it also reminds me of a rocking chair my family had in the late 80s/early 90s.


So that's it! My top nursery picks from IKEA!  I would love to hear from you guys, what are your favourite or go-to items at Ikea?Thanks so much for reading!