Second Trimester Update


I kinda can't believe it but we are already into the third trimester with our little lady! I know everyone always says this but this pregnancy is flyyying by so much faster than my other two. I truly feel like we just found out and took announcement photos, and here we are almost 10 weeks until she's here. This has absolutely been my best  pregnancy yet, I don't know if it's actually any different or if it's a change inside of me but I've just been feeling so grateful and happy and ready for this little one to be here.


  So much! This sweet girl is my wiggliest baby yet! Always bouncing around and waking me up each morning with a good kick or two.

Total weight gain so far:

 23 lbs - for sure gaining faster and quicker than my other pregnancies. I can't blame the baby though - wait until we get to the part about my cravings - it's all me.

Favourite maternity clothes right now:

 Hands down my fave item these days is

this dress


Dwell and Slumber.

I call it a dress - but as the company name suggests, it's so much more. It's a perfect casual and comfy dress to wear out, especially when it's hot and you don't want something that clings to the bump. I'm only 5'2" so I love knotting the bottom to hem it up a little bit. It's also the most perfect lounge and sleep dress..EVER. Seriously, I have to stop myself from throwing it on the second I walk in the door. I wish I had more because when it's in the wash I have a tough time finding something other than my husbands baggiest t-shirt that can even come close to how comfy this is. It's also nursing friendly and will be perfect for lounging after babe arrives.

Stretch marks:

So far none. Still using my

fave stretch mark cream and oil.


 Sleep has been SO much better. My friend Leah lent me a

pregnancy pillow

and it has changed my whole life!!! I don't think I can sleep without it at this point.


  My mood in the second trimester was so good! I swear those hormones evened right out and I've never felt better mood wise! I kept saying "I love being pregnant" and my jaw used to hit the floor when people said that because I could not comprehend loving pregnancy but my other two were just so different than this one.

Favourite moment in the second trimester:

 Our 20 week ultrasound, finding out she is a GIRL and our 3D ultrasound to confirm her gender because I was SURE they got it wrong. I cried when they showed us her face. She's the prettiest little thing, just like her big sis.

Most Challenging Moment: Honestly, the second trimester was a dream. Like, the best I've felt in a long time (including when I'm not pregnant). Call it hormones or summertime but I felt like I was on top of the world in the second trimester. I've already started slowing down and feeling those third trimester pains and my mood has been a lot more sporadic but that second trimester was GOOD to me! Made me want to do this a couple more times!One Thing I’m Proud Of: I'm proud and happy about the way I've documented this pregnancy. I know things like that get harder with each child and I know she probably won't care too much when she's older but baby books and pictures and blogging this pregnancy are just things that are important to me and make me feel happy! I have loved filling out her baby book as each trimester passes and just taking notes in my phone about preparing for her arrival.One Thing I Wish Were Different: I wish I had less anxiety about pregnancy/this baby/my other kids. This is something I wish was different all the time in my life and something I actively work to change and improve. That negative self talk and letting those fears go from 0 to 100 is the worst and only takes away from the joy of a moment or season. With this baby, I've had this nagging thought that she will be breech and I will need a c-section. Not the end of the world, and still WAY too early to worry about it but it's just something I feel anxious about. After having a c-section and then a successful VBAC, to have another C-section would just be tough on me. Obviously something I'm willing to do for this babe and it's something I have little control over anyway but I DO wish I could just let all that go more easily and chillll out.Favourite Food: Ugh - I don't even want to answer. The weirdest thing happened this pregnancy - the first trimester all I wanted was healthy food. I loved salads and veggies and fruit. Now, all I ever want is chips and dip, candy, lemonade, pretzels, white pasta, anything other than healthy food. Things I normally love just seem "meh" to me and I don't feel very adventurous with my food choices. I have become absolutely obsessed with those thin oreos! Seriously, best ever. If you have't tried them, do not, because you will be mad at me for making you love them so much. I have been loving veggie pitas and veggie subs - so thats not too bad but it's still from Subway or Pita Pit - because I hate cooking right now.Least Favourite Food: All meat still doesn't really appeal to me. I can cook it and eat a little but I'll still pick some out. I've literally thought that now would be the time to become a vegetarian because usually I think I could never give up meat but right now I feel like I could never eat it again and I wouldn't miss it.Symptoms: The worst heart burn of all time. It sometimes keeps me up when I'm trying to fall asleep. Also braxton hicks have been pretty steady since somewhere around 20 weeks.Random Things Strangers Have Said and Done: I have heard a couple "Are you sure it's not twins in there?" and "Looks like you're going to have that baby today". To which I just laugh because it honestly doesn't bug me and if this is what my body needs to do and be for my baby then bring it on! Grow baby girl grow!Nursery & Baby Gear Preparation…

  • We purchased some plants and a shelf for her nursery nook from IKEA

  • We are waiting on a new car seat for her since we really hated the one we used with Dexter and Elle.

  • Ordered some new bottles

  • Purged (and are continuing to purge) all the clutter in our house.

  • Still deciding on a mini crib

  • Slowly collecting little girly clothes, blankets, toys and bows.

Things I’m looking forward to in the Third Trimester…

  • Meeting our baby girl

  • Finishing her nursery nook

  • Getting back into our fall routine and checking some things off our nesting list.

  • Organizing all of her things. Right now it's just a big basket of stuff and it's stressing me out.


 Thanks so much for reading!