Around The Home: LG Quadwash Steam Dishwasher Review


Christmas came early this year when all of my mom dreams came true and I got the opportunity to try out the new LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher. Loading and unloading the dishwasher has always ranked pretty low on my list of favourite household chores. The gross wet food, pre-rinsing everything, losing all the little tiny baby bottle parts and the half of the dishes not washing up well anyway. We love cooking and eating meals as a family but having a massive pile of dishes to deal with as soon as we are done, always kills my vibe.Our old dishwasher had been having problems for a while, so I was really excited to receive a new one, but I had no idea how much of time and lifesaver the LG QuadWash Steam would be! They really thought of everything with this dishwasher and it has some pretty fancy tech components that even had my husband swooning!The LG QuadWash Steam uses something called TrueSteam technology that eliminates the need to pre-rinse your dishes. We've been using the dishwasher for 2 weeks and have washed mac and cheese pots that I was SURE would never get cleaned but sure enough they were spotless! The TrueSteam feature also means water spots are reduced by 60% so those wine glasses come out sparkling too!Probably my fave feature of this dishwasher is how much you can fit inside! To me, there are few things more annoying to me than going through all the trouble of cleaning the kitchen before bed, only to wake up to a sink full of the dishes that wouldn't fit. The LG QuadWash has their EasyRack Plus feature allowing you to fit almost anything in this thing! The tines fold down when you need to make more space. The two sliding racks also easily adjust on the fly so you can create space for things like larger pans, a wok, a vase, anything! Even if we have a load with a lot of plates, pots and pans and very few glasses we love lowering the top rack and being able to fill it up, instead of running a cycle with the top rack almost empty.Now, with kids come kid dishes, and with kid dishes come a LOT of teeny tiny parts. From mini cutlery to sippy cup valves we were usually left searching the back corners of our dishwasher to find the missing parts. The top rack of the LG QuadWash Steam is hands down my favourite part! Rather than a big basket taking up space near your dishes, this rack is neatly tucked away at the very top and keeps all the little bits right where you put them. You can also adjust the depth of the left side to accommodate larger utensils like ladles and spatulas and sharp knives to keep out of baby's reach.Overall, we are thrilled with the LG QuadWash Steam! I honestly can say it has saved us time and made cleanup so much easier and efficient! You can read or learn more about this awesome dishwasher here!This post was sponsored by LG Electronics Canada Inc.- Britt