24 Week Update!


 We're 24 weeks along with baby number three and I wanted to share a little update! I actually laugh looking back at my first pregnancy and blog and how I actually blogged almost every weekly update. This time around, other than getting bigger by the minute, I can hardly find differences between say 24 and 20 weeks. With my first, I was just so attentive to every single small change that apparenly, I could find things to blog about each week (I assume that's almost entirely due to the fact that I didn't have two other toddlers requesting my attention all day every day).On to the update. Here's what's new with me and our third little babe at 24 weeks.

Due date:

 November 8th 2017.

How far along:

 24 weeks



Size of the baby:

 an ear of corn. mmm


  This girl is wild! Moving and kicking allll the time. My kicks are all crazy low - which seems different to me than other times.

Total weight gain so far:

 GUYS - TWENTY POUNDS! I've never gained weight this fast in a pregnancy! I mean, I feel good and I think I look alright so I'm not worried about it - but I almost fell off my chair at my last weigh in. In my other two pregnancies I kind of plateaued as far as weight gain is concerned around 32 weeks..so hopefully that will happen. I think it has something to do with it being my third baby and also before I was pregnant this time around, I was at the lowest weight that I have ever been at in my adult life. So, I started around 105 and am now closer to 127. No shame in my preggo weight game though. I'm eating mostly healthy (but I am alwaaays hungry) and walking a lot and feeling really good!

Favourite maternity clothes right now:

 I don't think I've ever worn this much actual "maternity" clothing in a pregnancy. I usually just stick to non-materntity dresses and such but this time I've really fallen for a couple nice maternity pieces. My number one, can't live without it piece is

this skirt

from a company called

Bae the Label

.  This thing is like a spanx skirt and is so flattering and smoothing. I wear it a couple times a week at least. Some of their pieces are a little pricy but this skirt is worth every penny! I usually tie a cute tank or tee over top of the skirt, throw on some converse and I'm good to go. I'm also loving flowy comfy dresses (basically

this one

in every colour) and other than

my fave maternity leggings

I am sooo over pants of any kind.

Stretch marks:

 So far none! Thanks to my all time

fave stretch mark oil



 I've actually been sleeping so well but am starting to need a pregnancy pillow. That's next on my shopping list.


  I mean, it's all over the place but what else is new. I will say, this is my happiest pregnancy yet. I don't know if it's because I'm not 100% sure if it will be my last or not, but I have never felt better pregnant and am already a little sad about it ending.

Food cravings:

 Thankfully my big time cravings are over. I am still loving lemonade, any type of veggie wrap, fresh berries, candy, cereal. I am still not loving hamburgers or chicken. I was thinking about doing a "What I Eat in A Day" post - because secretly, I am obsessed with posts like that and getting meal ideas from them!

Favourite moment this week: 

We had some old friends over that I hadn't seen in almost 7 years, so reconnecting with them was amazing! On a more pregnancy related note, some of her things starting to come in the mail! Oh! And I scored the most amazing vintage wicker bassinet on Kijiji! Such a good find!

Recent baby purchase:

 I ordered a bunch of stuff for our girl from the Zara sale and it came in! That was fun. I've never really shopped specifically for my baby's gender before they were born so it was so fun buying a bunch of stuff for my girl!

Nursery plans:

  Okay this is starting to come together! We still need to get a mini crib and make a trip to IKEA but I am soooo excited to put it all together. I'm sharing a post next week with my nursery plans and inspiration - but you can

follow me on Pinterest

if you want a peek at what I'm thinking!

Thanks so much for reading.